Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Source Pad for the Crow

Having contemplated a method of airing my views on contemporary issues that affect day to day life, I hit upon this idea that was floated by one of my most trusted friends about this new thing called blogging. At first, it sounded weird to me - flogging, logging et al were familiar words learnt at school and practised in profession ; but this one was a bit too tough to understand. When it finally sunk into the grey cells with a certain rebellious face, it became clear that yes, this one can make quite a difference in the minds and lives of those geeks who now-a-days find it easier to get glued on to the new generation add-on essential that is the computer and its big nanny - the Internet. When days are passing by with each day reducing the number of heads that remain half covered in the mornings in the once-favourite cellulose product called the News paper, the Internet has come as a wise substitute for just about anything save for the natural and irreplaceable needs of the human being.

Life, no doubt is the biggest teacher. There are many things that they teach in school, some of it each one of us imbibe and employ at a later date to earn a living; some we keep in our hearts to make a wish and to dream about, some others we use to make a few of our dreams come true, but most of what is taught in school remains under wraps in some unknown corner of our brains, until it is activated by some passing thought or some act by someone whom we see or interact regularly with and then we get that peculiar voice that pops out of nowhere and tells you from inside - "Gosh! I've heard about it somewhere, sometime and it seems very familiar to me" or "I know this problem, have seen it before being solved" and so on. Sometimes these thoughts and prop-ups in the brain makes you think on certain issues - sometimes related to something you would have observed at home, office or when you were travelling or sometimes not related at all to anything that you would be doing on a day - to - day basis or would have observed anyway - and then you feel that you need to do something to get back your long forgotten faculties and act as a socially responsible civilized person. In the harrowing grind of our day-to-day lives, each one of us would, I'm sure, have come across many such instances as I have just described; and in almost all cases, each one of us would have decided - "H'mm, I must do something. Not now, but definitely at a later date; when I have enough time in my hands to think about it". The stream of thoughts would disappear softly as much as it appeared and and get buried in the chores of the day, little knowing that that time would never come when we would have the 'Enough Time' which we always wanted to finish off a million things we would by then have accumulated.

Much a similar thought had come to my mind many a time and more than once I shared it with my friends. It was then that I started thinking of letting my thoughts out on paper. I realised it hard that paperwork had to rest for the rest of my life as it turned out to be just impossible to pick up a pen and start writing. I envied my sister on this - she had (and still has) a flair for the metallic pin that would bring forth beautiful scripts on whichever surface she could move it on. The thoughts were shelved until now when I finally decided to take some time out for myself and let out my thoughts over contemporary issues that affect us. I felt that if I bottled up my thoughts and never let them out, there might come a day when I would regret having not done as much when I had my faculties in shape and I could do so. I wouldn't have forgiven myself that time, if it has to come. I also felt that it would be foolish to waste out my time by just thinking that I would do what I wanted and end up not doing it any day. Then came I and sat down in front of my PC, plugged into the Net and went straight down to catch hold of this interesting facility they've invented and put up for just the thing I was looking at. As I start up my pad I must confess I am a bit apprehensive : of whether I would be talking sense ? Would it matter at all to some one somewhere who might some day read what I might be keying in? Would I be technically and primarily correct in my views? I wouldn't know if such thoughts occur to all who indulge in blogging; but certainly it had occurred to me ever since I decided that I should go for it. Nonetheless, I am going ahead as a bold soldier - true to the traditions that I've been taught at the place I got trained : to do what I feel is correct and to talk honestly.

An immediate cause that I can relate to as to the triggering of thoughts that brought me to this place is the few remarks that came out in the popular daily : the Indian Express a few days ago in Kochi about the nasty problem the city is facing as regards the traffic on the streets. Having travelled quite a bit around the country and having observed the way various cities of our country handle such tricky issues, I thought I should share my observations on the subject. Having said so much, I must start off the debate - as I'm sure many would come back to me with their views on the subject - on the city's traffic blocks.

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